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To celebrate Father's Day, we are launching The CAN Challenge, a chance for the man in your life to compete for the ultimate title - The Fastest Diaper Changer! This epic showdown between man vs. diaper will take place from June 16 to August 4 and all classes are eligible! Whether it's a proud papa, grandpa, friend, or brother, we want to put his diaper-changing skills to the test!

The CAN Challenge is a fun and unique competition designed to help broaden awareness of cloth diapers and showcase the benefits of cloth diapering to its toughest critics - men.

The gloves are coming off... or maybe, in some cases, dad is putting them on ;). The quest for the title will begin on Saturday, June 16 and ends on Saturday, August 4!

The Can Challenge - June 16th 2012-August 4th 2012